Crisis? What Crisis?

These are the times that try men’s souls.


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  1. I’ve just had a crisis!
    It’s over now, thank goodness.
    Is it too early for a strong one?

  2. timothypanini

    😀 Good Morning, Angela. Tea?

  3. timothypanini

    What was the crisis?

  4. Yes please.
    It needs to be strong and sweet, I think.
    (Isn’t that what they prescribe for shock?)

  5. timothypanini

    Oh dear! This is not sounding good!

    Hot, strong and sweet coming up!

  6. My manners!
    Haven’t said, “Good morning!”

  7. Thank you, Tim.
    That young Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He opened the front door, without hanging onto the pup’s collar.

  9. timothypanini

    Oh dear. And the pup…

  10. He thought it was wonderful!
    Playing in the road. :/

  11. He came when called, thankfully, and he’s back safely.

  12. timothypanini

    Phew! What a relief!

    And what a well-trained pup! 😉

  13. Thomas Paine, by the way 😉

  14. timothypanini

    🙂 Yes! It was Thomas Paine. The American Crisis.

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