From North to South

A musical clue.

Enjoy! 😀


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  1. amosthebordercollie

    Am I allowed in the pub?

    • Tim Panini

      Hehe Dogs are very welcome @ the Flying Pig, Amos. Especially well-behaved ones like you! Let me get you a bowl of water.

    • amosthebordercollie


      I’ll lie down under this table and you won’t know I’m here 😉

  2. Oh!
    I thought that was yesterday!
    I’m fine, thank you – and yourself?

  3. And all the better for hearing one of my favourite pieces of music 🙂

    • Tim Panini

      All too easy, wasn’t it!!

      Would you care to show your workings whilst I get you a cuppa?

      • Well, the music clue set me off in the right direction – to Brandenburger Tor, which was reopened on December 22nd after the fall of the Berlin Wall earlier that year.

        I was a little confused by the title of the question, but, looking at a map of the Berlin Wall, I see that the gate runs north to south, with its portal opening east to west.

        Am I making this too complicated?

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