Christmas Quiz


About Tim Panini

Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. Tim Panini

    1. Late arrivals to the Christmas tableaux…

  2. Tim Panini

    2. Guess the weight… What was Jesus’ midnight mass?

  3. Tim Panini

    3. The Bible tells us Joe was a carpenter. Given that Jesus wasn’t his son, what had he made?

  4. Tim Panini

    4. History records and names of the magi as Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar. Which shepherds went to the party?

  5. Tim Panini

    5. Joseph phoned for pizza delivery. What did he order?

  6. Tim Panini

    6. What route did the magi take?

  7. Tim Panini

    7. Define some Christmas words.

  8. Tim Panini

    8. In the beginning was the word and the word was…?

  9. Tim Panini

    9. What alternative film titles have you seen this Christmas?

  10. Tim Panini

    And finally the Edward Lear limerick question:
    When Herod heard Jesus was born…

    • 3

      When Herod heard Jesus was born
      He treated the news with such scorn:
      He held wild parties
      He bathed in blue Smarties
      And he ended up bonking a Faun.

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