Mardi Gras Quiz

Pancake Tossing

There are 10 questions –

–  but as many answers as you like.

Feel free to use the internet –

– much good may it do you.

There are no prizes –

– except for the kudos of making someone laugh.


About Tim Panini

Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. Question 1: It’s long since been established [yeah right] that Willy Wordy was one hard-core pardy dude. [Well I s’pose he did use the word “jocund”, though I doubt he really knew what it meant.]

    Suggest some other late arrivals at the Mardi Gras Ball.

  2. Pancake tossing: Flip 10 lovely pancakes!

    Question 2:How long did that take you?

  3. Question 3, Food: What’s the most unusual topping you might have had on a pancake?

  4. Question 4, History: Fat Tuesday refers to the tradition of using up certain foodstuffs before Lent. What’re you giving up for Lent this year?

  5. Question 5: Religion: The word shrove is the past participle of the verb to shrive, which means to obtain absolution for one’s sins through confession and doing penance. Come on then, fess up! You know you’ll feel better for it.

    • Klara Emili

      I asked for a spoon in the restaurant of one of the hotels I stayed in in Russia.

      I didn’t think it was a sin either, but I was feeling very bad by the end of the ordeal.
      “Excuse me, where are the spoons?”
      Scary Russian Man “WHAT?!
      *increasingly scared and regretting feeling hungry enough for dessert* “The spoons?”
      Scary Russian Man “WHAT?!!”
      Scary Russian Lady translates for him “flibbidy flobbedy”
      *Scary man walks over to spoons and takes one from spoon section of cutlery holder, meanwhile my friend comes up to me with a spoon. I am now very scared of angry Russian man and wishing my friend hadn’t found the spoons. Scary Russian man returns with spoon*
      “Oh sorry, I have one now, thank you!”
      *Scary Russian man throws spoon back and mutters something Russian and angry sounding as I run away!*

      Sorry, scary Russian man 😦

    • Waltersdaughter

      Okay – – here we go – – –

      I confess to knowing how to extract a wrapped chocolate sweet from an “unopened” box, so that no one will know you’ve had one :$

    • Klara Emili

      I confess that I find this song absolutely hilarious.
      I shouldn’t, being an adult female.

  6. Question 6, Film: Lent lasts for 46 days, or about 6½ weeks. Suggest some other reduced film titles.

  7. Question 7, Sport: Many towns traditionally held a Mob football game on Shrove Tuesday. The Chorley Wanderers [“Yeah I’m a wanderer, I roam aroundaroundaroundaroundaround”] naturally excel at this. Report some of the more devious tactics you observed the players commit today.

  8. Question 8, Literature: Tuesday’s Child was full of…

    …pancakes. Suggest some more modern alternatives to the traditional nursery rhyme.

  9. Question 9, Genealogy: Franz Xaver Josef von Unertl (1675), Tsar Peter III of Russia (1728) and Antonio López de Santa Anna (1794), were all born on this day. What one word best places you?

  10. Finally, The Edward Lear limerick question: “Whilst tossing his pancake, young Kyle”

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