Cwis Dydd Gŵyl Dewi


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Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. Tim Panini

    Question 1: I caught Ella Miller whispering “White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits” this morning, and wondered if she was practising her diction. What superstitions do you uphold and why?

  2. Tim Panini

    Question 2: The white rabbit appears at the very beginning of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, wearing a waistcoat, and muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” For what have you been late to with amusing consequences?

    • He who is late for life misses out on the nice crispy bacon at the breakfast buffet. The nice crispy bits with not too much fat on. Not too crispy. Just nice.

      Not fake bacon!

      That’s just wrong!

      Be late for that all you want.

  3. Tim Panini

    Question 3, Music: In honour of St. David’s Day, Kyle, Liam, Joe and Garry – Poppleton’s very own barbershop quartet – have been practising a number of famous Welsh songs. Unfortunately however, they haven’t quite got all the words right. Suggest some lyrics they may have got wrong.

  4. Tim Panini

    Question 4, History: St. David advised the Britons on the eve of a battle with the Saxons, to wear leeks in their caps so that they could easily distinguish friend from foe. What interesting alternative uses have you found for fruit or vegetables?

  5. Tim Panini

    Team question [this ought to be good!!]: In Welsh, the word for daffodil and leek are the same (Cenhinen – Leek, Cenhinen Pedr – Daffodil). Organise yourselves [yeah right!] to sing some homophones in homophony.

  6. Tim Panini

    Question 6, Literature: In 1804, William Wordsworth was on his way to a fancy dress party, when he came across “a host of golden daffodils”. Propose some similes you’ve found whilst wandering in the area.

  7. Tim Panini

    Question 7, Legends: Welsh culture abounds with tales of Dragons (and torsos and heads and…). What tall tales have you to tell about life in and around Poppleton?

  8. Tim Panini

    Question 8, Food: Welsh Rarebit is basically cheese on toast. Make up some more exalted names for the hum-drum things of life.

  9. Tim Panini

    Question 9, Geography: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch is reputed to be the longest place name in Great Britain. It means St. Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool of Llandysilio of the red cave. Locate your residence in similar terms.

    • Depends a bit – –

      I would say:

      House on the hill near the spring in the field in the wolds above the fens near the sea.

      But Harry would say:

      House in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and nothing to see and nowhere to go and miles from anywhere of interest

  10. Tim Panini

    And finally, the Edward Lear Limerick Question: “A party of Britons from Wales,”

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