Tráth na gceist lá fhéile Phádraig


About Tim Panini

Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. Tim Panini

    Question 1: The Romano-Briton, Patrick, was said to’ve lived between 340 and 440. What’s the most you’ve ever done in an hour?

  2. Tim Panini

    Question 2: When Paddy was a teenager, he was enslaved by Irish raiders. What are you a slave to?

    • 3

      Chocolate coated biscuits.
      Plain chocolate’s best, but I’m not that fussy.

      They used to make pain chocolate Jaspers. They were nice. But plain chocolate Hobnobs take the biscuit, if you see what I mean.

      Digestives of any coating will do though. 😉

    • Amos Collie

      I’ll do anything for a sausage 😀

  3. Tim Panini

    Question 3: After being ordained Bishop, Paddy went North-West to North-West Ireland. What’s your favourite chess move?

  4. Tim Panini

    Question 4: St. Patrick’s staff grew into an ash tree. What surprising things have your staff ever done?

  5. Tim Panini

    Question 5: St. Patrick is said to’ve spoken with ancient Irish ancestors. If you had the opportunity, which historical character would you like to talk to, and what would you ask or say?

  6. Tim Panini

    Question 6: St. Patrick is said to’ve banished snakes from Ireland. What would you like to banish?

  7. Tim Panini

    Question 7: According to legend, Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. What else could it be used for?

  8. Tim Panini

    Question 8: St. Patrick’s day is clothed in Green, but originally his colour was blue. What’s your favourite colour? Use RGB values in your answer! 😉

  9. Tim Panini

    Question 9: Timothy Panini used food colouring to turn his Silk Purse green. What would you turn green if you could?

  10. Tim Panini

    And finally, the Edward Lear Limerick question: On downing a pint of Silk Purse

  11. Jenny Darling

    On downing a pint of Silk Purse
    John Deere had to go see the nurse
    His face had turned green
    His wings could be seen
    And his growing went into reverse

  12. Jenny Darling

    On downing a pint of Silk Purse
    John Deere stood up to rehearse
    a pome that he knew
    He got all the way through
    then forgot the very last verse!

  13. On downing a pint of Silk Purse,
    The reaction is always adverse,
    One’s vision is blurred,
    Speech becomes slurred,
    And actions, alas, are perverse!

  14. Waltersdaughter

    It’s good to see so many in tonight, Tim! 🙂

  15. Waltersdaughter

  16. Waltersdaughter

    Ah! Ann Dante?
    (Wrong place, wrong time, but I usually get there in the end!)

  17. Hezekiah Pratt

    Ann Dante! 😀

  18. Waltersdaughter

    Oíche mhaith agus codladh sámh, Tim, 3, everyone 🙂

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