The equinox quiz


About Tim Panini

Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. Tim Panini

    Question 1: The fragrant Fiona just scored 116 points by laying down E1 Q10 U1 I1 N1 O1 X8 as the first word on a Scrabble® board (putting the Q on the double letter score). What are you putting down, and what’s your score?

  2. Tim Panini

    Question 2, Architecture: The 13 towers @ Chankillo, Peru seems to be an ancient solar observatory, running North to South from the Summer to the Winter Solstice. What’s the strangest time-piece you’ve seen?

  3. Tim Panini

    Question 3: The vernal equinox is one of only two days in the year that the sun manages to rise perpendicular over the equator. What Bodgit & Son jobs have come to your attention recently?

  4. Tim Panini

    Question 4: Leslie Bricusse wrote the song If I ruled the world/every day would be the first day of Spring. If you ruled the world, what silly things might you command?

  5. Tim Panini

    Question 5, Religion: For now the Sun had found the earth once more, And woke the Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. In the Pagan festival Ēstara (21st March), the sun god and maiden goddess make love. What ‘opposites’ somewhat surprisingly work really well together?

  6. Tim Panini

    Question 6, Music: Vivaldi famously wrote I Quattro Formaggi in gloriously cheesy celebration of the Seasons. What do you like on your pizza?

  7. Tim Panini

    Question 7, Speech: The prefix Equi means “equal”. All things being equal is often a redundant clause in speech. Suggest some others.

  8. Tim Panini

    Question 8, Journalism: The Sun is famous for it’s tabloid headlines. Briefly outline a recent news event in the area, and suggest the headline.

  9. Tim Panini

    Question 9, The Mr. Benn question: All change please. All change Traditionally Lady Day (25th March) was the day on which year-long contracts between landowners and tenant farmers began and ended. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be? And why?

  10. Tim Panini

    Finally the Edward Lear limerick question. Compose a limerick from the following first line: “The ardent star-gazer, Tom Bell

  11. Waltersdaughter

    Are you still serving, Tim?

    I’d love a lemonade and lime, if you are 🙂

    And please have one yourself.

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