Pig’s Ear Fest

Hey!  It’s Beer Festival week at the Flying Pig!

I’ve brewed five new ales:

Unfortunately though I forgot to make a note of the hops I used in each brew – so it’s more of a Pig’s ear fest!

Anyway, the beers need names, and perhaps you could help with that – they don’t have to be Pig related in any way, but, as always, due credit will be given for witticisms.


About Tim Panini

Landlord of the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy.


  1. In view of the day – – – Jester, for one of them?

  2. For beer 5 – –

    Oh! Mister

  3. Malt Teaser or Malt Easer?

  4. What about the hinted at:

    Brewer’s Gold?

  5. A Bitter What You Fancy

  6. The fragrant Fiona

    I think Beer 5 should just be called “Porter”! Drinkers should shout “Porter!” and have their hand raised. 🙂

  7. The fragrant Fiona

    Pig’s Tie?

  8. How about Snowball? 😛

  9. I think “A Bitter What You Fancy”s my favourite, closely followed by Hogwash.

  10. Tim Panini

    Okay! So we’ve got:


  11. Tim Panini

    Mornin’! 🙂

    Cuppa tea?

  12. Tim Panini

    Amos out working on the Biscuit Line?

  13. Tim Panini

    … and Harry’s down from Uni?

  14. Did you have the radio on yesterday, Tim?
    I caught a bit of an item on old people having to pass fitness tests to earn their pension – – I was shouting at the radio until I wonderered if it was anything to do with the date.

    • Tim Panini

      🙂 I hadn’t heard that one, but from all accounts, it was a good year for April Fools pranks.

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